Sunday, October 19, 2008

Visit with the Peppers!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We made a road trip to Decatur to see Granny!

We visited for a while at her house and then went to "Big Daddy's McDonald's". (For those of you that might not know, Derek worked at the '50's style McDonald's in Decatur thru high school and then several years into college.) The girls all had a ball looking at all the memorabilia and sitting in the red bumper cars.

After lunch, we went to the Adventure playground at Wilson-Morgan Park. Sarah Grace played in the sand and on the monkey bars until she almost had blisters on her hands! She is a real monkey!

Darby and Becca climbed and hid all in the cool playground area while we got to visit with Granny. It was really cool to visit and get to check out such a neat place.

The church across the road from the park had a make shift "pumpkin patch" set up in it's parking lot and even though we had bought pumpkins earlier in the week, we had to buy three more! They had the coolest kinds of pumpkins. Some were all knotty on the outside and looked like they were covered in warts. The girls loved feeling how rough they were!

By then, it was late in the afternoon and we took Granny back to her house and headed out to Athens. We put new flowers on John and Grace's grave (more to come about that later) and cleaned the headstone. Darby & Becca were asleep but it was very special for Derek to show Sarah Grace. She asked lots of questions and we tried to explain the best we could.

She is such a sweet child. She came up and hugged me and said, "Poor Daddy". She gave him a big hug and then ran off to read the other headstones.

We drove onto to Piggly Wiggly and visited with Sharon for a minute while she was at work. I think she was really surprised to see us. We all need to get together more often but life is so busy. Hopefully we will get to visit more soon with the holidays coming up.

Next it was on to Teresa & Ronnie's. The girls loved looking at the cows and Becca was mooing at them as we were coming up the drive. Derek, Teresa and Ronnie all got to watch the last few minutes of the Alabama game. Poor Derek was so glad to have somebody to talk "football" with finally. Bless his heart, living with all these girls he doesn't get much sports talk. But he can paint some mean-looking fingernails! haha

They went with us to the "cheese dip" place in Rogersville. They got to see our girls in action with the cheese dip and salsa. Talk about some serious eating! If you ever want to bribe them, mexican is the way to go. It is like the truth serum for these little girls!

We did get home that night until almost eight o'clock after leaving that morning at 9:30! We were all worn out but still had to unload the car and do baths for church the next morning. Becca went missing and I just knew we had a potty accident on our hands. But do you know what.........our big girl went to potty #2 on the big potty all by herself! We were so proud that we had to do the potty dance which consisted of much laughter and celebration by all five on us in a very small space! If you have ever been to our tiny little bathroom, you know what I mean!

It was a great day of visiting and spending time together as a family!

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