Friday, October 10, 2008

Virtuous vs Vain

Most everyone knows the description of a virtuous woman from Proverbs 31:

She rises up early to provide meat for her family.
She is well favored in her community.
She helps others.
She is not afraid of the "snow", ie life's tribulations.
She is honored by her children and her husband.

But what about the vain woman? Until recently, when I thought of someone being vain, I thought they were proud of their worldy, physical beauty. But God has revealed some things to me in recent months that have changed my perception of vanity.

A few weeks ago, I attend my first-ever, since being married and babies, out of town, all girls scrapbooking weekend! I was so excited and had been planning details of the trip for months and months. My dear, sweet friend "D" was going with me and we were both looking forward to a weekend away and hopefully getting a few pages done at the same time.

One night at a crop, I asked our consultant if they had any kind of prayer breakfast or meeting on the Sunday morning of the trip. She said no but it was a good idea and she would discuss it with the other consultants. WELL.........God put his finger on me to try to organize this little meeting that Sunday morning.

I had never done anything like that before. Being so new in my salvation, who am I to talk to others about God. I got scared, I mean REALLY scared. Like I didn't even want to go to church scared, cause I knew I would feel God pushing me to do something that I was not comfortable doing AT ALL!

SO, I withdrew from God. A major bad attitude consumed me. Everything and everbody started getting on my nerves. What was their problem anyway? I could do everything by myself and didn't need any help from anybody. And you know what happened? I got into a major pickle! I was trying to do everything by myself without God cause I was scared. How crazy is that?

So, after having a major come-a-part one day, I gave up. The next morning, I got up extra early to have some quiet time. I prayed, OK God, you tell me what you want me to talk about if you want me to do this. I said a few more words and closed my prayer. When I went to open my bible to read, it was like the words were jumping off the pages at me!

First, it was Proverbs 31. I had seen this listed in my Journey study guide. I had heard the description before and felt like that I did not fit that description in any way. Then I kept reading. The fore word in Ecclesiastes stated that the whole book was about vanity. It described vanity as the "futile attempt to live apart from God".

WHOA! That is exactly what I had been trying do and it was a mess! God had given me a testimony to talk about. Being a crazy-busy working mother and trying to find peace and balance in my life. It all made sense and was just too cool.

I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat by now wondering what happened by now............I did it! God gave me the most awesome words to talk about in our little circle that morning. He was truly there with me, holding my hand.

One of the ladies came up afterwards and told me she really need to hear what we had talked about. She was having a hard time and needed some encouragement. It was too cool! Somebody felt the same way I did and needed to know what God has to say about it.

It made me come to realize what Bro. Brett had said in one of his sermons, God wants US full of him. We are all here for his glory. He can use each one of us in some way to minister to others. Everyone has a testimony and other people can benefit from hearing how God helps you get thru your walk.

Several verses help me to remember that I am not in this struggle alone and He is with me ALL THE TIME. God wants us to be full of joy and peace...

John 16:33
33"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Wishing you a peaceful weekend and some quiet time with your Heavenly Father....


Deanna said...

Thank you for posting that. :)

K & D said...

Wow, Shelley. I don't know if it's just b/c I'm still feeling "post-partum" emotions, but I've got tears in my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing! Love ya, Daphne