Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursdays

OK, as you have seen thus far, I am not a very good blogger. There are too many ideas swirling around in my head to post about, and then I get overwhelmed and bummed about it, and the phone rings or somebody is whining about somebody gettin' into her pink poodle purse and then I forget about it! My train of thought lately is about five, make that, three (one for each child) seconds long.

So anyway, some of the blogs I often read have these cool "games" or post ideas that they use with fellow bloggers for topics. Wordless Wednesdays are cool cause you can post a sweet or silly pic with a small subtitle. I really like this idea since the whole blogging thing is new to me and I have boo-koo's of pictures of my sweeties.

The previous "BED HEAD" post is of Miss Becca Boo one morning a few weeks back. That girl is a crazy sleeper, all over the bed and turned in all different directions. One night, apparently her hair was attacked by a small band of roving mice that tried to nest in her golden little "bob" 'do. Needless to say, a bath with hair washing soon followed.

So, in turn, Thursday's will be "Thankful Thursdays" or something else if I urgently feel the need to change my mood. haha I will be selecting 10 things off the top of my head that I am thankful for that day. Hopefully, this will make for good subject matter. Let me know what you think, if anybody is still reading my ramblings by now.....

10 Things I am thankful for today, 10/9/08:

1. That Derek is taking Sarah Grace on a dinner date and to her AMSTI night at school. (Because this way, neither one of us will have to try to keep the other two quiet while the projects are going on.)
2. It is Thursday and the work week is almost over.
3. That everyone living in my house is healthy (for now...flu season is close at hand, have you gotten your shot yet?)
4. That Darby is such her own little person. Her teacher told me yesterday that they all love the way she says "I DO NOT..." do whatever instead of saying I don't.
5. That I remembered that when Darby was younger and we tried to get her to eat new foods she would say, "I DO NOT love it, Momma". Not that she didn't like it, she just simply did not love it. That is SO DARBY!
6. That the low carb thing is working for me. The weight is still slowly coming off.
7. That Derek is still doing good on the no "Coke" thing. He has lost almost 20 lbs!
8. That I found an old Christmas card of the Sarah Grace & Darby from our first Christmas in our house. They were so little & squishy then!
9. That hopefully all the (expensive) plumbing issues at home for the last week are now resolved and the insurance will cover the other stuff!
10. That thru Jesus, God has made a house for me in heaven that never has plumbing problems!

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