Monday, October 20, 2008


Have you ever seen the movie with Chris Farley and David Spade called Tommy Boy? There is a seen in the movie where they get pulled over by the police and they jump out of the car yelling "BEES!". The police decide to let them go because they don't want to take a chance at getting stung. We had our own crazy version of this Sunday after church!

With no Saturday afternoon naps and being on the road most of the day, we were wiped out when we got home Saturday night. We got just what we had to out of the car, the children, the cooler of drinks we had taken and the groceries we had pick up when we stopped to see Sharon at Piggly Wiggly. It was so late and we still had baths and hair to do so we figured we will deal with everything else Sunday after nap.

Well, that was a bad idea! We left the old flowers that we had replaced at the cemetery in the back of the van. BIG MISTAKE!

I don't know if you are having this problem at your house but the spiders are terrible at our house this year. We have new webs on the front step every morning. Apparently they are bad in Athens this year too.

After early service on Sunday morning we decided to make a trip to Walmart to pick up a few things for the girls snacks this week. We came back to put our groceries in the car and there were spiders every where! No kidding, we killed like ten before we even moved the car out of the parking spot we were in. I figured out that they were coming from the old flowers, so I threw them away in the trash can by the buggy-holder-thingy. We jumped in the car to hurry home for lunch and didn't even get on the road before the next spider invasion took place.

Has you ever seen a little girl all dressed up from church with church hair lose her mind screaming and crying? Well, multiply that times three! There was lots of screaming and tears and "I hate this car" and "I hate flowers". We had to stop again in the parking lot to rescue our poor defenseless children from their eight-legged attackers. It was quite a scene.

We jumped back in the car to hurry home as fast as we could to get the girls out of the car and spray bug spray to kill the spiders that were left. I took off like a bat from the parking lot and high tailed it home. We were about two miles from the house when I flew around the curve and saw a policemen waiting with his radar gun in a clump of trees. OH MAN! He immediately turned his lights on and pulled out after us.

I was looking for a place to pull over when the next batch of screaming and crying commenced. the spiders were coming out in droves again and everybody was freaking out. Derek was furious cause he would never have been driving that fast and wouldn't have gotten us pulled over. (He drives like a Mam-Maw!)

We had just come to a complete stop in a parking lot, we the girls jumped out of the back of the van and I jumped out after them. Becca was losing it because she couldn't get out of her seat belt and Derek was pilfering thru the glove box trying to find the proof of insurance. I am sure we were quite the spectacle by the time the policeman made it to the side of the van.

He asked for my license and proof of insurance and I was blubbering trying to explain what had happened. He walked back to his car, snickering the whole time. It was a hot mess of crazy Pepper women in that car! He came back quickly and was nice as he could be. He asked if there was anything he could do and told me to slow down and be careful. YEAH! No ticket!

Moral of the story is, if you every get pulled over, a car full of screaming children will get you out of one everytime!

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