Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love Thursday

Some of the bloggers I read faithfully have a theme that they do on Thursday each week called "Love Thursday". Today I wanted to share a little "Love Thursday" with you all.

1. I absolutely LOVE anything from the '50's. Or maybe just the way that it is portrayed in the movies. The fab clothes, the simpler life styles, and the whole "June Cleaver"-ness of it all. Some of the things that I am striving for in my life, contentment (more on that to come soon), simpleness and happiness seem to be so abundant in that time period. If I had a time machine it would definitely be in my top five "place" to visit.

2. I love my children with all their own unique ways.
I love that Sarah Grace is just like her Daddy. Even down to the things that drive me crazy about him: asking me a million questions, writing everything down, making sure I am doing the right thing!
I love that Darby is always up for anything and has a zest for life like no other I have ever seen or met. She is a real spark plug kinda girl!
I love that Becca still has her "baby" smell. Kissing the "sweet" spot on the curve of her neck and smelling her hair makes my heart swell like nothing else in this world.

3. I love my Mom (Mawgrand) and the example for motherhood that she set for me. When I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to be when I grew up my a my mom. She can cook, sew, paint, draw, pull-out of her hat just about anything and everything you could imagine. We always had fabulous made to order homemade birthday cakes, Halloween costumes, the coolest birthday parties, the coolest MOM ever! One of my most prized possessions in the world is a birthday card she gave me last year. She wrote in the card that I was good mommy. It is so dear to me and I often think of it when I am having one of those "what was I thinking having three kids in less than five years" kind of days!

4. I love that my Mom is now working her coolness on my kids. Check out the FAB costumes she made for our sweet ones for Halloween! She is so awesome!

Thank you MawGrand! We love you and our costumes too!

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Deanna said...

Lovely post and I love the costumes! :)