Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lowe's and fishes...

This weekend Derek (who will from this point forward be referred to as Big Daddy), had to work his monthly Saturday. In an effort to get the girls out of the house for some free entertainment, we went to our local Lowe's for their free Build & Grow workshop.

If you have never checked into this before, I encourage you to check it out at It is a free children's workshop where they build or make two different projects a month. They give the kids a free Lowe's apron and a patch for each project the complete. This past Saturday was the skeleton marionette type doll. Lots of hammering and some stickers and we had a great time. We will definitely be going back for the Pumpkin Craft on the 25th!

When Big Daddy got home, Paw (my Dad) came over and helped up cut down some shrubs and do some major yard work! It was so awesome! The kids had a ball "helping" us and we all got some much needed fresh air and exercise. Paw even gave the girls a dollar for helping out! They were so excited!

MawMaw (my grandmother)called and invited us over for a fish fry that night. Aunt Diane and her youngest, Hannah, had driven up for the weekend from GA and they wanted to cook up some catfish. Paw watched the girls so we could get a quick shower and head out to the fish fry. After several hours of grueling yard work, that fish was SO GOOD! We all ate like pigs and enjoyed some good company.

So, that was our Saturday, Lowe's and fishes. HAHA!!

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