Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pointers and prayers requested!

With all the exciting changes going on in our lives as a family, I really feel that God is leading me to share my testimony with our church. He seems to keep pointing this out to me in various ways but I am VERY nervous! We attend a large church in Muscle Shoals that has three morning services. It is quite large but we have gotten involved with teaching in the preschool department and have met several people.

The very idea of getting up in front of such a large group three different times in one day is enough to make me toss my cookies! Now don't get me wrong, anyone that knows me knows that I love to talk but WOAH, that's a lot of people at one time!

This morning I called and talked to our sweet pastor, Bro. Ted and shared with him that God has really laid this on my heart. He offered a new and exciting way to share my testimony. He asked if I would be interested in video taping it. This would majorly cut down on the upchuck factor! The only thing is that I would have to agree to sharing it with the local Baptist association. If approved, it could be used at other area churches and events. This is very thrilling and nerve-racking at the same time!

I would like to use the approach of the Proverbs 31 woman to witness to other women and mothers. While studying for the small devotional I led back in September at the scrapping booking retreat, I read on from Proverbs into Ecclesiastes. I was able to read God's word and see that when we try to do things without God our attempts are futile and we will end up "hating life".

Three years ago, I tried to make a way to be at home with my children that made me have to change my beliefs and I made the change without God. It was really awful and led to alot of broken relationships, pain and awkwardness. I was MISERABLE! I ended up putting my family in a financial bind and having to go back to my old job.

In the last year and a half since being saved, I have tried to become closer to God and let him lead my steps. I feel his presence in my life on a daily basis. He has given me such joy and now, the desire of my be home with my girls. I really feel the need to share this with others. God is in control. He may not answer prayers how you want and when you want, but he hears them. You have to be patient and faithful to him.

So, getting back to the video, I need some pointers from others that may have done something like this before. I want to be honest and sincere but express the passion that I feel inside. All in 5-8 minutes! Please email me with any advice you can offer. Also, any prayers that you could send up on my behalf would be greatly appreciated!

Now, I gotta go! Must run to the post office and take Derek's work shirts to the cleaners before I go get Becca-Boo! (...she does him good, all the days of her life!!!)

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