Thursday, December 11, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA a lot lately on the whole blog thing. The amount of time I have in a day to sit down for even ten minutes in now severly limited by my motherly schedule and the other 4 people that live in my house.

We have been trucking right along. I am still getting used to this whole "stay-at-home mom" thing. The funny thing is that I very rarely seem to stay at home. There are trips to take every one to school, get groceries, run errands, pick up the few remaining Christmas gifts, lunch with friends (Happy Birthday Becki, BTW!), and then pick everyone up from school. All while dragging along my two year old potty training sweetie. All I have to say is how in the world did I ever work like I did? I am more exhausted these days than I have been since I had newborns in
the house. YIKES!

Becca is adjusting quite well to not being in daycare. She still asks to see her friends and her favorite teacher, Mrs. Christina. She is enjoying the amount of free play and the never ending barage of kisses and hugs that she gets from me everyday. We have cooked, played "tay-doe", shopped, lunched and napped (love it!) together. But we are having a little trouble with misbehaving. Can you say R-O-T-T-E-N? HAHA....Ain't it great!

Sarah Grace & Darby love getting picked up everyday and being home by 3:00. We have a snack, a cold juice and a little down time before bath and homework. It is so cool to see them so happy to see me and still in a good mood when I pick them up. Before, they were so tired by the time I got to pick them up after work, everybody was cranky. Now we are all in a better mood and love to talk about the happenings of their day and sing with the radio. God has blessed me with three silly, giggly, talkative, beautiful little girls!

Derek is also reaping the benefits of me being home now. My love of cooking and his love of eating compliment each other well. I told him last night as we were finishing up the leftovers of crockpot dressing, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, broccoli & cheese, mac & cheese, stuffed eggs and rolls that if I didn't start to school soon we were both going to weigh 500 lbs!

One thing I have been trying to make an effort to do is to "do him good all the days of my life" from Proverbs 31. Just trying to have the girls bathed, the house somewhat straight and dinner ready when he gets home from work. That way he can read, watch TV or just enough playing with the girls when he gets home from a long day of working with the public. His hard word is a huge part of me being able to stay home and I appreciate and love him for it!

Hope you are all doing well. I have lots of projects to post pics of to keep you up to date on all my crafting craziness. One of my blog followers is Deanna, check out her profile and blog link under "followers". She has all kinds of neat ideas for kids crafts, cooking projects and gifts. I used her magnet idea to make gifts for my Sunday school class party. It was neat to be able to share my "joy" with others...more to come!

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